French government increases THD funding to EUR3.57bn

19 Jan 2021

The French government has increased state support for the deployment of fibre-optic networks in the country to EUR3.57 billion (USD4.31 billion). Under the France Relance project, the government will provide EUR570 million of additional funds for the deployment of fibre in rural areas, with EUR420 million to be distributed to public initiative networks not yet subsidised by the government. These will include the following projects: Seine et Marne (led by Seine-et-Marne Numerique, EUR6.5 million), Aude (SYADEN, EUR9.5 million), Auvergne (Auvergne Digital Agency, EUR123 million), Cher (Berry Numerique, EUR16 million) Dordogne (Perigord Numerique, EUR45 million), Doubs (Doubs Tres Haut Debit, EUR5 million), Haute-Savoie (SYANE, EUR15 million), Indre (Open Fixed Syndicate RIP 36, EUR20 million), Manche (Manche Numerique, EUR46.3 million), Sarthe (Sarthe Numerique, EUR6.5 million) and Brittany (Megalis, EUR150 million).

The France Relance programme is part of the Tres-Haut Debit (THD) project aiming to cover 100% of the French population with very-high speed broadband services (>30Mbps) by 2022.