VTR calls for dismissal of lawsuit

18 Jan 2021

VTR, Chile’s largest ISP by subscribers, has requested that the courts throw out a class action lawsuit filed against it by the National Corporation for Consumers and Users (Corporacion Nacional de Consumidores y Usuarios, Conadecus), regarding its quality of service (QoS), Diario Financiero reports. The lawsuit seeks compensation totalling an estimated USD1.4 billion for customers that claim they received a diminished service last year. VTR has asked for the case to be dismissed, citing the ‘extraordinary and unthinkable scenario’ of the COVID-19 pandemic, which placed an unforeseen strain on its networks. VTR argues that the circumstances facing the company and its customers was extraordinary and, as such, the normal standards for QoS should not be applied. The ISP went on to say that it acted responsibly and diligently to address the matter, but highlighted the extent of the challenge by noting that it had seen ‘explosive’ increases in download and upload traffic of 44% and 48% respectively in the the second week of March lasty year compared to the same period of February. VTR went on to state that average consumption per user more than doubled in July 2020 from 196.05GB to 414.27GB.

Chile, VTR