Telecom Namibia’s new CEO targets rural network expansion

14 Jan 2021

Telecom Namibia’s (TN’s) newly appointed CEO Stanley Shanapinda plans to leverage the state-owned company’s current footprint to become a leading telecoms institution, New Era reported. Shanapinda, the former head of the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), explained the telco is assessing the market with a view to expanding its network into new areas, particularly underserved rural locations where customers may be on 2G services. In addition to upgrading its existing installations, TN is exploring possible infrastructure sharing arrangements with rival operators to avoid duplicating network expansion efforts. Furthermore, Shanapinda revealed that his key priority from the integrated strategic plan would be delivering projects aimed at improving customer experiences and regaining trust following complaints about service quality.

Shanapinda highlighted that resources are always a challenge, ‘but we are looking at developing a completely new business plan in terms of our 5G rollout and acquiring the necessary investments for this rollout. As the leading information communication technology (ICT) provider in the country, there is no question that we have to be in the 5G space’. He noted that the government has various options to stimulate local growth and investment, and that TN will consider securing finance from the Development Bank of Namibia to enable the deployment of 5G infrastructure. ‘We do have sites that are 5G ready, 50%, but we need to implement some plans to activate those sites to provide the 5G services,’ Shanapinda added.

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