Gigabit broadband reaches 38% of Austrian homes

13 Jan 2021

The proportion of households in Austria that are able to access broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps has increased from 14% to 38% in the last 18 months. In a press release announcing the relaunch of the government’s online ‘Broadband Atlas’ information portal, Telecommunications Minister Elisabeth Koestinger revealed that the figure is set to rise to 42% of homes ‘in the near future’. At a federal state level, the proportion of gigabit-capable homes increases to as high as 92% in Vienna, followed by 62% in Salzburg. ‘By 2030, we want to supply our country with gigabit-enabled connections across the board. This is a major goal that we can only achieve together with municipalities, states and companies,’ Koestinger stated, adding that 50% of the population are also already covered by 5G wireless networks.