New entrant phase of Portuguese auction concludes

12 Jan 2021

Portugal’s National Communications Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Comunicacoes, ANACOM) has confirmed that its auction of 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum – which was reserved for new market entrants – concluded on 11 January, after eight days of bidding.

Final 900MHz bids stood at EUR30 million (USD36.8 million), while final 1800MHz bids totalled EUR18.117 million. The actual identities of the new bidders have not been disclosed in ANACOM’s documentation, although MASMOVIL-backed cableco/MVNO Nowo has previously stated its intention to take part in the process.

Bidding for sought-after spectrum in the 700MHz, 2100MHz, 2.6GHz and 3.6GHz bands has yet to commence. Incumbent operators MEO, Nos and Vodafone will go head-to-head for the 5G suitable frequencies.