DITO claims its network is ready as technical audit looms

8 Jan 2021

The Philippines’ third telco player DITO Telecommunity has announced that it is confident it will pass the government-mandated technical audit of its new network, which is due to begin next week. The newcomer informed the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) yesterday (7 January) that, having secured a six-month extension in July 2020 ‘in relation to the delay caused by the COVID-19 crisis’, its new network is now ready to be audited. DITO must now deliver on its commitment to have covered 37% of the population with a service delivering a minimum average download speed of 27Mbps. The test will be conducted by independent auditor R G Manabat & Co with a certain number of the start-up’s 1,600 or so cell sites tested.

‘For the past months, amid the difficulties posed by the current global pandemic, DITO has made great strides in the rollout to ensure that the results of the audit will be positive,’ the company’s chief administrative officer Adel Tamano said, adding that the newcomer also intends to push through with its commercial launch in March 2021. DITO’s next technical audit is slated for July this year, at which point it has pledged to have extended service coverage to 51% of the population (minimum speed of 55Mbps). Should DITO repeatedly breach its commitments, the government is able to recall its radio frequencies and seize its PHP25.7 billion (USD535 million) bond.