Parliamentary committee recommends revision of telecom law

4 Jan 2021

Following the conclusion of its investigation into Burkina Faso’s mobile telephony market begun in March last year, a parliamentary committee has recommended a series of regulatory changes intended to improve access to telecom services and combat the threat posed by jihadist attacks, reports Agence EcoFin. The 33 recommendations presented on 17 December will require an amendment to the law regulating electronic communication networks and services, the committee noted. The review focused on ways to maximise investment in underserved areas, including stricter sanctions for operators who fail to fulfil their obligations, while the committee also advocated changes to the law governing intelligence to enable greater use of information provided by mobile phone operators. The President of the National Assembly, Alassane Bala Sakande, also expressed his desire to see the country acquire telecom traffic management software.

Burkina Faso