TIM Brasil snags lion’s share of Oi mobile assets

17 Dec 2020

With the auction of Oi’s mobile assets now successfully concluded, TIM Brasil has confirmed that it will be acquiring the lion’s share of the assets. TIM – alongside rivals Telefonica Brasil (Vivo) and Claro Brasil – agreed to pay a total of BRL16.5 billion (USD3.25 billion) for Oi Movel on 14 December, and TIM says that it will pay 44% of the total fee, equivalent to around BRL7.3 billion. This will give the cellco access to 14.5 million Oi mobile customers (around 40% of the total), 49MHz of spectrum (54%) and 7,200 cell sites (49%).

For its part, Vivo will pay 33% of the total price, equivalent to a fee of BRL5.5 billion. This will allow it to secure access to 10.5 million mobile subscribers (29%), 43MHz of spectrum (46%) and 2,700 cell sites (19%). Finally, Claro says it will pay around 22% of the total asking price, in exchange for 32% of Oi’s mobile users in addition to 4,700 cell sites (32%). Note: all figures presented by the operators are approximate due to rounding issues.

Going forward, the transaction is subject to approval from the National Telecommunications Agency (Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes, Anatel) and the Administrative Council for Economic Defence (Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica, CADE). All parties expect the transaction to close in 2021.

Brazil, Claro Brasil (incl. Embratel & NET Servicos), Oi, Telefonica Brasil (Vivo), TIM Brasil