Regulator recommends possible 5G frequency bands

16 Dec 2020

A committee formed by Nepal’s telecoms regulator the National Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology (MoCIT) and telecom operators has identified possible frequency bands for use by the country’s 5G networks, reports The National Frequency Management Forum has advocated earmarking spectrum in low-band, mid-band and high-band ranges for 5G networks, while the authorities could also make existing 2G, 3G and 4G licences technology neutral to enable existing frequency allocations to be used for 5G services.

In the lower range, the committee has recommended assigning 10MHz to 20MHz of frequency bandwidth in the 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz bands, the first three of which are already in use. For the mid-range frequencies, 100MHz of spectrum could be allocated in the 3300MHz, 3600MHz and 4700MHz bands, all of which are not currently used for existing mobile networks. Finally, for the high band, also called mmWave spectrum, the committee recommended providing between 800MHz and 1GHz of bandwidth in the 26GHz range.