T-Mobile scrapping Tele2 fixed service sales; rolling out Rotterdam fibre

15 Dec 2020

On 28 December 2020 Tele2 Netherlands – a brand division of T-Mobile Netherlands – will stop selling new Tele2 Home (fixed internet, TV and fixed line) subscriptions. New customers for these services will be directed to T-Mobile Home (T-Mobile Thuis), with the group promising a more extensive range with faster internet options and more advantageous bundling options.

T-Mobile also announced that it is deploying fibre-optic broadband access infrastructure covering 45,000 households in two districts of Rotterdam, with connections to go live in spring 2021 on an open access basis. T-Mobile’s fibre deployment partner Primevest Capital has agreed to take over L2Fiber’s existing fibre network in the Kralingen district, currently covering 7,500 homes, and expand it to 15,000 households, while the partners will deploy a 30,000-home fibre footprint in the IJsselmonde district. By mid-2021, T-Mobile will be offering fibre services to approximately 130,000 households in the Netherlands via the Primevest partnership, with existing networks in The Hague and Eindhoven.

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