EIB to support digital development in Chad

15 Dec 2020

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved a range of initiatives to promote economic development in Chad, including a programme to support digital growth. The project comprises three feasibility studies that will focus on providing high speed broadband and improving connectivity for rural communities, with a view to achieving the Chadian government’s goal of doubling the economic contribution of the ICT sector. Commenting on this element of the programme, Post and Digital Economy Minister Dr Idriss Bachar Saleh was quoted as saying: ‘A high-impact investment in digitisation is essential to boost future economic growth and social progress in landlocked Chad. The new cooperation with the EIB will allow Chad to benefit from technical expertise and best practices in the digital sector.’

Other EIB initiatives announced at the same time include an XAF6.5 billion (USD12 million) investment programme launched with Societe Generale to support local business financing.