O2 Czech Republic deploying 5G in Pilsen and Bilina under ‘Smart Cities’ programme

14 Dec 2020

As part of its ‘Smart Cities’ initiative to roll out next generation mobile technology in five major cities, Czech operator O2 has announced that it is introducing 5G ‘smart technologies’ in Pilsen and Bilina, with plans to add Jesenik, Karlovy Vary and Usti nad Labam in future.

The first location in Pilsen is at St Petersburg, while in Bilina O2 has deployed fifth-generation systems in the central and southern part of the city and the Za Chlumem housing estate. Its press release notes: ‘The new broadcasting technology is ready for launch into standard operation, which is a basic prerequisite for future use for the preparation, testing and operation of various customer solutions and applications using 5G mobile technologies. In both cities, O2 is launching a full-fledged 5G mobile network in the 3.7GHz frequency band (so-called C-band) on a block with a width of 40MHz of its own frequency allocation. The network in Pilsen and Bilina will serve not only for other activities within the project, but will also be publicly available to residents and visitors to the city.’

Czech Republic, O2 Czech Republic (incl. CETIN)