TDC to start phasing out 3G by end-2022

10 Dec 2020

Denmark’s mobile market leader by subscribers TDC has announced plans to start phasing out 3G network technology by the end of 2022 to give it more capacity for improving 4G and 5G services. CEO Andreas Pfisterer said: ‘Customers will therefore have a minimum of two years to consider investing in a new mobile phone if their current one cannot access the 4G or 5G network. At the same time, it will continue to be possible to make use of our nationwide 2G network for voice and basic data services, regardless of which mobile phone or equipment you have.’

TDC notes that its 4G LTE network is the primary mobile voice and data services network nationwide while its new 5G network already covers 90% of the population with higher data speeds and support for new usage scenarios. 3G usage has fallen steadily as the number of 4G/5G compatible devices has grown, and the 3G network is mainly used for voice and data services in zones lacking 4G/5G reception. Once 3G is switched off, TDC’s 2G network will continue to be used for voice services in zones without other available networks, as well as for basic data services on legacy equipment. The operator has no current plans for 2G shutdown.

Denmark, TDC (incl. Nuuday, TDC Net)