Huawei would work with Swedish government to avoid ban

9 Dec 2020

Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies says it is willing to work with authorities in Sweden to overturn a ban on its equipment being used in Swedish 5G networks. As part of the terms of its 5G auction which were published in October, the Post and Telecom Agency (Post & Telestyrelsen, PTS) said that equipment from Huawei and ZTE could not be used as part of 5G rollouts due to national security concerns. Huawei went to court and managed to force a postponement of the 5G spectrum auction which was due to begin on 10 November.

Although Huawei’s appeal is still with the court and a date for a hearing has not been set, a company executive has said that it would be open to ‘pragmatic discussions’ with the government. Kenneth Fredriksen, Huawei’s Executive Vice President for the Central East Europe and Nordic Region, told Reuters: ‘We are even willing to meet extraordinary requirements, such as setting up test facilities for our equipment in Sweden, for example, if they want to.’ The CEO of Swedish vendor Ericsson recently came out in defence of Huawei, saying a ban should not have been imposed as it restricts free competition and trade, while also delaying the rollout of 5G.