Far EasTone achieves 5G coverage and subscriber targets ahead of schedule

9 Dec 2020

Taiwanese mobile network operator (MNO) Far EasTone Telecommunications has signed up 300,000 5G subscribers since launching the latest generation of mobile broadband technology in July, the Taipei Times reports.

With it noted that the MNO had been aiming to reach that 300,000 customer milestone within six months of its 5G launch, the cellco is now said to be aiming to increase the number of 5G accesses on its books to one million next year. Meanwhile, the operator has reiterated a previously announced aim of migrating 50% of its existing 4G subscribers to 5G within three years of launch.

FET has also reported faster than expected progress with regards to coverage, with the report stating that as of last week 55% of the population were within the operator’s 5G network footprint; here, again, the operator is ahead of target, having eyed reaching 50% coverage by the end of 2020. On the back of such network development, FET has now suggested it could surpass 90% coverage next year, with it said to be planning to add a further 4,000 5G base stations in 2021, having installed around 4,000 this year, while it will also upgrade existing 4G sites.

Taiwan, Far EasTone (FET)