SoftBank Corp selects Nokia for standalone 5G core

8 Dec 2020

Nokia has announced that Japanese mobile network operator (MNO) SoftBank Corp has selected the vendor’s cloud-native 5G Core software to enable the launch of standalone (SA) 5G services in Japan. In a press release, Nokia said the solution will ‘help support new consumer and enterprise use cases, such as immersive experiences (VR/AR/MR), fixed wireless access, video surveillance and analytics, cloud robotics and connected vehicles with a standalone 5G Core in global markets’. While delivering greater scalability and reliability, Nokia’s cloud-native 5G Core will also allow the MNO’s subscribers to benefit from 5G’s improved performance when it comes to lower latency, increased bandwidth and massive device connectivity. SoftBank will reportedly deploy the Cloud Mobility Manager and Cloud Mobile Gateway products to support massive scale, performance and reliability required for the delivery of 5G services, it said, as it looks to move into the next phase of its 5G transition.

Japan, Nokia, SoftBank Corp