Ofcom consulting on spectrum management strategy

8 Dec 2020

British telecoms regulator Ofcom has launched a consultation on its spectrum management strategy for the 2020s, proposing action in three main areas which it believes will ‘build on [its] existing approach of relying on market mechanisms where possibly and using regulatory levers where necessary’.

In the first area, Ofcom has said aims to support wireless innovation by making it easier to access spectrum, while secondly it has said it aims to ensure the licensing regime fits local and national services. With regards to the latter area, the regulator has suggested that it will consider further options for localised spectrum access when authorising new access to frequencies. Finally, Ofcom has signalled its intent to promote spectrum sharing, saying in this area it will encourage: use of better data and more sophisticated analysis when assessing the conditions for sharing; wireless systems to be more resilient to interference from their neighbours; and an efficient balance between the level of interference protection given to one service and flexibility for others to transmit.

Interested parties have been given until 26 February 2021 to make submissions to the consultation.

United Kingdom, Ofcom