TIM demonstrates long-distance gigabit FWA

7 Dec 2020

Telecom Italia (TIM) says it has achieved a speed of 1Gbps over a long-distance fixed-wireless access (FWA) link using 26GHz millimetre wave (mmWave) 5G technology. Working with Ericsson, Qualcomm and Casa Systems, the Italian telco says the gigabit data rate was measured at 6.5km from the radio antenna, which was situated in the north of Rome. TIM says the test of ‘fibre-to-the-air’ technology confirms the suitability of 5G for high speed data services in both high density urban areas and more rural regions. The operator says it has already demonstrated speeds of up to 4Gbps on its 5G network at shorter distances.

Italy, Casa Systems, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Telecom Italia (TIM)