Osiptel standardises user contracts

7 Dec 2020

Peruvian telecoms watchdog the Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Organismo Supervisor de Inversion Privada en Telecommuniciones, Osiptel) has issued a new order requiring service providers to use a standard template for contracts for a range of services to ensure that they are easy for customers to read and understand. The short contracts break down the relevant information into standardised and numbered sections, with explanations written in a ‘simple and friendly way’. All new contracts must also include a consumer rights booklet from Osiptel, which includes similarly simplified information on subjects such as billing, number portability and cancelling a contract, as well as contact information for the regulator.

Under the terms of the order (Resolution No. 311-2020-GG/Osiptel), operators are required to prepare contracts using the new standard template for each of their tariffs and submit them to the regulator before marketing the services, and must do the same for any scheduled modifications to the plans. The regulations also ban providers from adding extra clauses to their contracts. The standard templates must be in use by all companies by 4 March 2021.

Osiptel has established standardised contracts for the following types of service, with variations depending on the contract type (i.e. pre-paid or post-paid): pay-TV, fixed telephony, multi-service bundles, mobile, mobile internet and fixed internet.

Peru, Osiptel