ARCEP consults on frequency allocation for internet access services

2 Dec 2020

Burkina Faso’s Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) has launched a public consultation on the allocation of spectrum for the provision of fixed internet services. The regulator has invited comments from stakeholders regarding a range of issues, including: the frequency bands, technologies and duplexing mode (FDD or TDD) to be used; the amount of spectrum and the size of the frequency blocks to be made available; the geographic coverage of licences; and the method adopted for allocating frequencies. The consultation will run until 5 January 2021.

According to ARCEP, the consultation has been prompted by a number of applications for frequencies in recent years, following an earlier decision to suspend allocations due to congestion in some spectrum bands earmarked for fixed wireless connectivity. ARCEP is considering using the following frequencies for WiLL internet services: 1900MHz-1920MHz; 2300MHz-2400MHz; 2500MHz-2690MHz; 2570MHz-2620MHz; 3300MHz-3400MHz; and 3400MHz-3600MHz. It has urged service providers to consider the availability of affordable terminals when selecting a band.

Burkina Faso, ARCEP (Burkina Faso)