MTC puts forward draft regulations on infrastructure sharing

1 Dec 2020

Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, MTC) has published draft rules to regulate the sharing of active telecommunication infrastructure. The proposals look to establish a set of standards regarding procedures, conditions and requirements for the approval of infrastructure sharing agreements. The MTC notes that the regulations would reduce the cost of investment and network expansion and promote the development of networks in underserved rural communities. Further, the MTC added that greater levels of infrastructure sharing would also reduce the environmental impact of installing new infrastructure such as antennas. The ministry stressed that the regulations do not extend to spectrum, however. Meanwhile, regional news portal TeleSemana cites the ministry’s accompanying report as saying that the current status quo would generate long-term disadvantages for the sector by widening the infrastructure gap and escalating costs through the duplication of networks and inefficient use of infrastructure. On the other hand, regulation of infrastructure sharing would widen access to service, stimulate competition and provide for more ‘orderly’ growth of networks, the MTC argued.

Peru, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)