Wizion stripped of licences, report says

27 Nov 2020

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Cambodia (MPTC) has reportedly stripped ISP Chuan Wei Cambodia, which trades as Wizion, of three licences for breaching the terms of its concessions. According to the Phnom Penh Post, the licences in question cover VoIP, 4G and submarine cable activities. The newspaper notes that the operator will be permitted to retain its ISP permit if it settles its outstanding debts to the government. Explaining its decision, the MPTC said: ‘[This can be due to prolonged] inactivity, incorrect self-reported income data, insufficient financial or technical documentation, unsettled debts, or unpaid levies owed to the government.’

TeleGeography notes that the licence revocation comes just over a month after the MPTC stripped 17 local telcos of various operating concessions. Companies affected on that occasion included the likes of CadComms and Emaxx Telecom (mobile licences); CN Xinyuan Interconnect, XNET, Saturn Holdings, ATA Telecom, PPIN Internet, HT Networks, DG Communications, DTV Star and Cambodia Broadband Technologies (ISP licences); Aerospace Information Cambodia, Lim Heng Group and TPLC Holdings (VoIP licences). Kingtel Communications, BDKtel and Asia Star Resources Investment Holding were also subject to regulatory intervention.