Palapa Ring helps deliver improved mobile connectivity in remote Indonesian islands, report says

27 Nov 2020

UK-based mobile analytics company Opensignal says that the completion of the final phase of the Palapa Ring project in Indonesia last year – aimed at reducing the geographical digital divide and delivering high speed internet to some of its most remote regions – is beginning to bear fruit. The company’s latest findings suggest that the significant investments in network infrastructure has resulted in a better mobile network experience over the last two years as the country’s mobile network operators have taken ‘advantage of the Palapa Ring project to bring mobile connectivity beyond Jawa and address the inequality in mobile network experience across the archipelago’. The report claims that Indonesian users ‘saw outstanding improvements in all twelve regions over the last two years, between the third quarter of 2018 and the same quarter in 2020 for mobile Download Speed Experience, Video Experience, and 4G Availability’. It goes on to note that: ‘The gap in mobile network experience between Jawa – Indonesia’s political, population and economic centre – and the more remote islands has decreased significantly. In fact, the experience in remote islands has become even better than parts of Jawa in some cases.’