Smart completes VoLTE rollout

24 Nov 2020

PLDT Inc. mobile arm Smart Communications has completed the national rollout of Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) on its network, providing clearer, uninterrupted calls for end users. Both ‘Smart Prepaid’ and ‘Smart Signature’ subscribers will need a VoLTE-capable smartphone and a Smart LTE SIM to activate VoLTE, the company said in a statement. Smart VoLTE service is powered by Smart LTE, which currently covers 95% of the population, PLDT had previously said. Meanwhile, in addition to VoLTE, Smart has also deployed Voice-over-Wifi (VoWiFi) or ‘Wi-Fi calling’, where users can call or text using their smartphone’s native dialler and messaging option through Wi-Fi connection, without having to install another app.