A1 Bulgaria launches 5G in Sofia

24 Nov 2020

A1 Bulgaria has confirmed that it has switched on its 3.6GHz 5G network in capital city Sofia. From launch the cellco says that the network supports coverage of Sofia’s main residential and business districts and is capable of delivering 1Gbps download speeds. Burgas, the country’s fourth largest city, is the next location in line for deployment; by 15 December A1 says its 5G network will cover 90% of the city. Going forward, A1 expects to cover all settlements in Bulgaria with over 10,000 inhabitants by the end of March 2021.

TeleGeography notes that A1 is the second Bulgarian mobile operator to launch 5G. In September 2020 Vivacom activated its own 5G service in central urban areas of all 27 district capitals and along the Trakia highway. Vivacom’s network refarms the cellco’s existing frequencies via dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS).

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