Telkom Indonesia to launch FTTH on Panggang Island

19 Nov 2020

As part of its ongoing fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network rollout, Telkom Indonesia says it plans to launch its IndiHome-branded services on Panggang Island within the next few weeks. The telco is preparing for launch there by rolling out an optical cable connecting Pramuka Island to Panggang Island, ultimately to ‘improve the region’s economy’, it said. Muskab Muzakkar, General Manager of Telkom West Jakarta, said the move is part of its commitment to make the Thousand Islands a ‘Broadband Island’, to which end Telkom is building a Marine Cable Communication System (SKKL) linking the two islands. ‘The process of popping the first stone for the construction of an Optical Distribution Cabinet (ODC) has been carried out on Panggang Island and it is estimated that [FTTH] can be held there in two weeks,’ he is quoted by IndoTelko as saying.

Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia