TFL unveils FJD180m investment to increase fibre penetration in Fiji

4 Nov 2020

Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) has revealed plans to invest FJD180 million (USD84 million) into expanding its fibre infrastructure over the next five years to increase ultra-high speed broadband penetration in more parts of the country. The Fiji Times cites a TFL statement which notes that seven years after ‘Gimme Fibre Day’ was created on 4 November by the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) Council Global Alliance, it is committed to ensuring that fibre technology is available to ‘as many Fijian homes as possible’. TFL chief executive officer Charles Goundar noted: ‘All this development comes at a price, but we believe in what we are doing and that it is worth every cent spent. We are investing in the future of Fiji.’

Fiji, Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)