KPN scrapping TDM interconnection Oct-21; extending other legacy shutdown dates; speeding up DSL-to-fibre process

4 Nov 2020

The Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) issued a decision yesterday approving incumbent national telco KPN’s plan to switch off TDM (a.k.a. circuit-switched) network interconnection from 1 October 2021 in favour of IP-based interconnection. ACM’s statement underlined that network interconnection was originally all TDM-based (circuit-switched) but following gradual replacement by IP interconnection most inter-network traffic in the Netherlands is now routed via IP. ACM assessed that KPN’s proposal met all the requirements of the regulator’s current in-force market analysis decision for fixed and mobile call termination (FTA-MTA5), allowing KPN to cease TDM interconnection completely from October 2021.

In related developments, KPN Wholesale has confirmed that two legacy service offers, ‘TDM Interconnect Access (TDA)’ and ‘Rent-A-Switch (RAS)’, will shut down on 1 October 2021, while it has delayed its planned shutdown date for two other legacy services – the SDH technology-based ‘Interconnecting Leased Lines (ILL)’ and ‘Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) ISDN HC’ – by six months to 1 April 2022, citing problems caused by COVID-19 measures.

KPN Wholesale also announced that it will introduce new services in January 2021 to speed up the process of switching end-user premises from VDSL to fibre connections. From that month, KPN says it will be possible to complete a user’s migration from copper-based to fibre services within one day.

Netherlands, KPN, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)