JCRA undertaking review of wholesale broadband prices

3 Nov 2020

The Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) has announced plans to review wholesale broadband prices on the island, having last undertaken a similar review in 2018. The regulator has said the scope of its latest examination covers three key areas, the first of which is the ‘appropriate set of wholesale broadband access services in Jersey’; specifically, the JCRA has said it will consider the need for fixed line incumbent JT Jersey to provide both wholesale access and wholesale bitstream products. Meanwhile, the second area for review will see the regulator consider the ‘appropriate pricing approach’ for wholesale broadband access services. Finally, dependent on the outcome of its reviews in those first two areas, the JCRA has said it will then look to determine the appropriate price for the relevant services; to do it will set the modelling approach, and while the assessment will focus on the monthly rental prices, ancillary one-off charges related to these services (e.g. connection charges) will also reportedly be assessed.

According to the JCRA’s timetable, it expects to issue a non-statutory draft decision and consultation in January 2021, before issuing an initial notice and non-statutory final decision in ‘Spring 2021’. A final notice is then expected by ‘Summer 2021’.