Bezeq secures West Bank licence after 35 years

30 Oct 2020

Israeli telco Bezeq has reportedly secured a licence to operate in Area C of the West Bank after 35 years of ‘illegal’ operation. US news agency Media Line notes that Israeli Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel granted Bezeq the concession on 18 October.

With Palestinian operators still restricted to using 2G and 3G platforms, the news site quotes Samer Ali, the Foreign Relations Director at the Palestinian Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministry, as saying: ‘At the same time, there’s no fairness in using the frequencies, as Israel offers 4G and 5G services. After the decision, the Palestinian market will start using the Israeli service as it’s more advanced and cheaper.’

Under the Oslo Accords, Area C constitutes about 61% of the West Bank and is home to some 420,000 settlers and approximately 300,000 Palestinians.

Palestinian Territory, Bezeq (Israel Telecommunication Corporation)