Telekom set to connect 16,000 companies in 77 areas to fibre network

28 Oct 2020

Telekom Deutschland (TD) has announced plans to connect more than 16,000 companies in a further 77 municipalities to its fibre-optic network. Under this phase of expansion, which will begin next year, businesses located in 91 industrial parks will be able to access maximum download speeds of 1Gbps. Municipalities set to benefit from the expansion work include Ammerbuch, Aschaffenburg, Berlin, Binzen, Borna, Burghausen, Burgwedel, Coswig, Dresden, Duisburg, Eschbach, Frankfurt, Friedrichsdorf, Kesselsdorf, Koblenz, Krefeld, Kronberg, Landsberg, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Oberding, Passau, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rheinau, Rostock, Schwarzenberg, Schwerin, Torgau, Trier, Wiesbaden, Wildau and Wolfsburg.

TD deployed an additional 60,000km of fibre-optic cables in 2019, bringing the total length of its fibre network to around 560,000km at the end of that year.

Germany, Telekom Deutschland