MPTC revokes or suspends 17 telecoms licences

23 Oct 2020

Cambodia’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) has revoked or suspended the licences of 17 telecoms companies, following an audit to assess the status of their business operations, technical capacity and financial situation. The MPTC determined that 17 telecoms companies were either inactive, employee-less, non-compliant in the payment of their financial obligations or failed to provide the required technical documentation.

Two companies have had their mobile licences revoked, namely CadComms and Emaxx Telecom, while CN Xinyuan Interconnect, XNET, Saturn Holdings, ATA Telecom, PPIN Internet, HT Networks, DG Communications, DTV Star and Cambodia Broadband Technologies have all been stripped of their ISP licences. Three companies – Aerospace Information Cambodia, Lim Heng Group and TPLC Holdings – have had their ISP and VoIP licences revoked, and Kingtel Communications is no longer permitted to provide VoIP, although its ISP licence is still valid. Finally, the MPTC says that the ISP licence of BDKtel has been suspended (rather than revoked) and the ‘position and navigation licence’ of Asia Star Resources Investment Holding has been revoked.