President announces plans to directly manage nation's digital development

20 Oct 2020

President Felix Tshisekedi has announced plans to directly manage the development of Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) digital economy himself, via a new instrument referred to as ‘Presidential Digital Coordination’. The president informed the Council of Ministers that due to the importance of the country’s transformation into a digital economy he intends to establish the new system ‘in the coming days’. Through the new President-led structure, he would collaborate with other government agencies to prepare and define strategy with regards to the management of information and the development of the digital economy, and would identify priority areas.

Local news portal notes that it remains to be seen how the new powers will interact with the National Digital Council (Conseil National du Numerique, CNN), the creation of which was announced by President Tshisekedi in September last year to serve a similar function. At the time of that announcement, the president stated that the CNN would combine sector regulators as well as government ministers and the Prime Minister, would fall under the authority of the President and would be responsible for implementing the national digital strategy.

Congo, Dem. Rep., Ministry of Post, Telecom and New ICT (MINPTNTIC)