ACMA enhances NBN consumer experience rules

20 Oct 2020

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has confirmed enhancements to National Broadband Network (NBN) consumer experience rules, with a view to protecting Australians during the final phase of the NBN migration. According to the regulator the improvements, which follow its recent review, will benefit both consumers and telco providers, and the enhancements will expand the number of businesses protected by the rules.

Specifically, the ACMA has confirmed that from 14 December 2020, businesses with an estimated annual telco spend of up to AUD40,000 (USD28,351) will now be covered, up from AUD20,000 previously. Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the changes will also make the rules clearer and more flexible for telco providers, without sacrificing important consumer safeguards.

Rules covering the NBN migration continue to be considered ‘essential’ by the ACMA, which notes that 1.5 million premises are predicted to move to the NBN over the current and the next two financial years. As such, it said that enhancements have been made to the following rules: Service Continuity Standard; Service Migration Determination; Consumer Information Standard; and Complaints Handling Standard. With the enhancements to the Service Continuity Standard and Service Migration Determination to start on 14 December 2020, ‘most’ enhancements to the Complaints Handling Standard and Consumer Information Standard will start on 1 April 2021.