Globe Telecom fibre upgrade gains traction

19 Oct 2020

As part of a nationwide programme, Filipino operator Globe Telecom is rolling out free broadband fibre upgrades – migrating customers over from its legacy copper network to give them faster internet access. According to a statement issued by the company over the weekend, to date around 40% of the targeted customers across the country have been upgraded to the more advanced technology for free, delivering them a more stable connection to address the growing demand for online connectivity at home.

Globe vice president and head of broadband business, Darius Delgado, said: ‘To meet our customers’ demands, we upgraded our network with superior technology for a better internet experience. We are rolling out fibre-to-the-home [FTTH] nationwide, and upgrading our customers to fibre connections for free to give them first world internet connectivity that they deserve.’

Philippines, Globe Telecom (incl. Innove)