Unicom and ZTE trial FTTH-based smart community services

14 Oct 2020

Full-service provider China Unicom and equipment vendor ZTE have completed a trial of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH)-based smart community services in Yinchuan. According to ZTE, the development utilised its TITAN Optical Line Terminal (OLT) to make Optical Distribution Network (ODN) resources shareable under the same PON port. The system allowed both home broadband services and smart community camera services to be connected to customers, with the vendor adding that the scheme saved fibre resources and could be implemented quickly. The vendor went on to note: ‘Compared with traditional network solutions, the FTTH-based smart community deployment has saved cost by 75% and increased OLT port utilisation by 9%. The deployment has also used slicing technology to implement role-based, domain-based, and graphical management of smart community services, thereby cutting broadband access cost, increasing revenue, and boosting operation and maintenance efficiency for the operator.’

China, China Unicom, ZTE