Open Fiber connecting 171 rural communities with FWA

13 Oct 2020

Italian wholesale telco Open Fiber plans to connect 171 communities to the internet over the next year using fixed wireless access (FWA) technology. The rural communities form the bulk of the 204 municipalities identified by Italy’s government as having no fixed broadband access. 73 of these villages currently have no access at all to fixed or mobile broadband services. A report from Il Sole 24 Ore says that Open Fiber still eventually intends to deploy fibre technology to 196 of the unserved rural areas under state-subsidised contracts, but FWA technology allows for a faster rollout in the interim. The telco is providing the estimated EUR5 million-EUR10 million (USD6 million-EUR11.8 million) cost of the FWA rollout itself.

Italy, Open Fiber