Nokia to upgrade Vivacom's fibre network with XGS-PON

13 Oct 2020

Vivacom Bulgaria (BTC) has signed a deal with Nokia to extend its GPON network and introduce XGS-PON in strategic locations. XGS-PON will allow Vivacom to offer 10Gbps symmetrical broadband services, which is a ten-fold increase compared to the current top tier service, to more than 1.5 million households in some of the country’s major cities. The rollout is based on Nokia’s Lightspan series FX, which enables easy evolution from current traditional deployments to virtualised access network control and management (Software Defined Networking [SDN]) by software upgrade. Vivacom CEO Atanas Dobrev said: ‘Vivacom, being already at the forefront of European mobile operators offering unparalleled mobile network speed … has taken a major step to ensure fastest fibre broadband access in Bulgaria. Trusting Nokia with building best-in-class XGS-PON infrastructure we set the course towards providing 10Gbps broadband services, creating differentiating and more attractive service bundles. In addition, the high capacity fibre networks complement our mobile network and strengthen our position in the upcoming 5G world.’