MTN Group taps TIP for future transport network evolution

12 Oct 2020

Pan-African mobile operator MTN Group has announced that it has selected Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to assist the transformation of its communication transport infrastructure, which it hopes will become a platform for future revenue growth and profitability. In a press release the South Africa-based telco said that under the partnership with TIP, ‘communication transport capacity will be deployed to support traffic growth over the next three years’. Further, the Group noted that the deal will also provide ‘support for new services as part of the evolution of 5G and new enterprise services’, while simultaneously reducing the time to market through ‘more focused agile service provisioning’.

MTN’s statement went on to note: ‘The TIP community, which aggregates members across the whole transport network value chain, is a key tool for MTN to build its future transport infrastructure … To achieve the objective of increasing network efficiency, MTN has identified a set of requirements named CASSI that will support its work’. CASSI is defined as:

• Convergent and congestion free: Delivering on the capacity requirements from all network access technologies, including the most demanding, like accesses to fibre, next generation radio systems, enterprise and consumer requirements

• Always on: Implementing a fully automated resilient transport network, to support high availability as demanded by advanced digital services

• Scalable: Allowing for an easy / efficient capacity expansion, able to accommodate fast growing traffic demands at a lower cost

• Simplified: Making use of standardised network configurations and open protocols, to drive lower unit costs and increase capital expenditure efficiencies

• Intelligent: Automation of the network operations by using software to optimise network resource planning and management, achieving higher operational efficiencies by enabling use cases such as smart planning, auto provisioning, network visualisation and forecasting and network slicing among others.

South Africa, MTN Group, Telecom Infra Project (TIP)