Swisscom achieves 50Gbps downlink on fixed connection

9 Oct 2020

Swiss full-service provider Swisscom has showcased downlink speeds of 50Gbps on a fixed connection, in real network environment in the access network, claiming that the demonstration is ‘a world first’. Swisscom notes that it achieved the milestone by upgrading its existing Optical Line Termination (OLT) hardware with a 50Gbps PON Line Card prototype, enabling download/upload speeds of 50Gbps/25Gbps. Markus Reber, Head of Swisscom Networks, commented on the development: ‘There is no question that the bandwidth need will continue to increase over the coming years … The results of testing based on PON technology and architecture clearly demonstrate that we have some powerful options available.’ The state-owned telco expects that the technology will be ready to market in around two years.

Switzerland, Swisscom