DOCOMO develops 5G X-Border platform

7 Oct 2020

Japanese cellco NTT DOCOMO has announced that its new 5G X-Border Platform (5G-XBP) went live from 1 October 2020. In a press release, Japan’s largest cellco by subscribers noted that 5G-XBP ‘directly connects the DOCOMO Open Innovation Cloud platform with 5G networks overseas using a dedicated network for closed communication walled off from the open internet, allowing customers to use cloud services with confidence in secure cross-border environments’. The statement goes on to confirm that the carrier will initially use the new platform to offer ‘a global version of the AceReal solution (i.e. a global version of a platform that includes DOCOMO’s cloud-based AceReal Apps business-support application) on a limited-time pre-service basis in Thailand (in collaboration with local mobile operator Advanced Info Services) which will allow technicians in Japan to remotely support worksites in Thailand beginning 15 October 2020. The solution will be provided via a dedicated secure cloud network.

Japan, Advanced Info Service (AIS), NTT DOCOMO