NTT unit upgrades Smartfren’s network to deliver next generation connectivity

6 Oct 2020

Global technology services company NTT Ltd, part of the NTT Group, has announced the successful completion of an end-to-end network upgrade project for Indonesian mobile operator PT Smartfren Telecom. In a press release outlining the infrastructure consolidation project, NTT said the move is designed to address concerns that Smartfren’s legacy network was struggling ‘to meet the demands for ultra-low latency connections and needed network solutions that scale with bandwidth demands and improve time-to-market’. NTT installed and incorporated a software-defined network (SDN) optimised routing platform from the Cisco ASR 9000 series and the F5 Intelligent DNS. The former claims to have ‘industry leading bandwidth capacity’ to enable service providers to become ‘5G ready and distribute 5G services and applications at the edge’. Meanwhile, the F5 Intelligent DNS reportedly complements Cisco ASR 9000 by providing a solid, faster DNS foundation to meet future demand.

Commenting on the upgrade, Smartfren CTO Puneet Garg said: ‘With the rising popularity of 4K video and 5G application requirement among enterprise customers coming up, we recognise the need to retool our network infrastructure with a flexible, secured and cost-efficient solution that can scale with increased demand. NTT Ltd. understood our needs as an ICT service provider for enterprises in Indonesia and recommended the best solution to address them, while laying the foundation for us to constantly deliver better connectivity to our customers especially catering to the [work-from-home] workforce.’