KDDI, Samsung verify 5G network slicing in latest trial

23 Sep 2020

KDDI (au) of Japan and Korean gear maker Samsung Electronics have successfully completed a trial of 5G network slicing technology (a type of virtual networking architecture that allows improved network flexibility through the partitioning of network architectures into virtual elements) in Tokyo. In a statement, Samsung said that the verification trial was carried out under laboratory conditions using ‘a RAN intelligent controller with a handset, 5G base station, and 5G standalone core equipment’.

5G network slicing is expected to help carriers deliver services such as autonomous driving, cloud gaming, and industrial IoT applications due to its ‘low latency and high reliability’, the vendor said, adding that it will also improve connection speeds for virtual reality, augmented reality, and ultra-high resolution video streaming services. Further, the trials also demonstrated that users ‘can switch between an ultra-fast virtual network and an ultra-low latency network without compromising connection quality for certain services’.

Japan, KDDI (au), Samsung