Movistar to launch tender for sale of 10MHz of 1900MHz airwaves

22 Sep 2020

Chilean cellco Movistar is set to begin a private tender process for the sale of a 10MHz block of spectrum in the 1900MHz band on 25 September, Diario Financiero reports. The development follows a decision from the Supreme Court in 2018 which ruled that Movistar – along with rival mobile providers Claro and Entel – had violated rules on spectrum limits by bidding for additional airwaves in the 700MHz band in 2014, ordering the companies to comply with the regulations at the time of the auction, the rules on spectrum holding limitations having since been updated. Following a series of protests from the companies, in October 2019 the court gave the trio a series of options to bring themselves into compliance with the order, one of which was to sell a portion of excess spectrum. The current tender is Movistar’s third attempt at a sale, its previous efforts having run afoul of the Department of Telecommunications (Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones, Subtel), which had found that the bidding rules for the company’s first two attempts did not comply with sector regulations.