Italian telco chiefs call for neutral broadband network

22 Sep 2020

The CEOs of Italian telcos Vodafone, WINDTRE and Sky Italia have once again called on the government to ensure that there is a level playing field following the creation of a single national broadband network. The Italian government has agreed to a plan which will see Telecom Italia (TIM) merge its broadband network assets with those of state-backed wholesale telco Open Fiber.

Following a meeting between the heads of Vodafone, WINDTRE, Sky Italia, TIM and state lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), which has stakes in both Open Fiber and TIM, a joint statement was released by the alternative telcos which said: ‘The three CEOs hope the network plan can be developed in line with its premises, giving rise to a non-vertically integrated operator.’ Under current proposals TIM will have majority ownership of the merged entity but would not control the board. EC competition authorities are likely to want to study any tie-up before it is given the green light.