Armenian cellcos’ LTE-A coverage now countrywide, PSRC confirms

22 Sep 2020

In a statement, Armenia’s telecoms industry watchdog the Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) said that the country’s three incumbent mobile network operators (MNOs) have collectively deployed LTE-A services blanketing the whole population. ‘At present 100% of settlements in Armenia are provided with 4G+/LTE Advanced coverage by at least one mobile operator,’ it confirmed. The PSRC went on to note that MTS Armenia (Viva-MTS), which secured 800MHz frequencies to support its 4G+ rollout, now provides coverage in 99.9% of populated areas (1,002 towns/cities/villages) across the country, followed by Ucom with a figure of 88.2% (885 areas) and VEON Armenia, whose population coverage figure is 55.5% (or more than 1.64 million Armenians).