Zain Kuwait revamps 5G packages for fixed and mobile devices

16 Sep 2020

Zain Kuwait has launched a new range of 5G post-paid broadband packages, giving users options to use two SIM cards per subscription with fixed and mobile devices. Zain is bundling a free internet device with its new packages plus a free one-year subscription to the OSN Streaming service. Zain also highlighted two exclusive devices in the Kuwaiti market: the 5G Netgear M5 Hotspot and the Zain/HTC Corp 5G HUB, alongside other options including the Huawei 5G CPE PRO 2.

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that Zain Kuwait launched commercial 5G packages for home modem users in June 2019 alongside both its main rivals Ooredoo and STC, before all three Kuwaiti cellcos introduced 5G mobile smartphone packages the following month, with Zain’s 3.5GHz 5G network reaching ‘near nationwide’ coverage via around 2,000 base stations by March 2020. Zain said in its latest release that it currently provides ‘comprehensive’ 5G coverage in all regions of Kuwait.

Kuwait, Zain Kuwait