MTS using 5G-ready Huawei equipment for Moscow modernisation

15 Sep 2020

Russia’s largest mobile operator by subscribers Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) has announced the start of a large-scale modernisation of its cellular network in Moscow city and region using 5G-ready technology supplied by Huawei to improve performance and introduce innovative services. MTS’ press release says that the project will increase the throughput and capacity of its 4G LTE network by at least three times, which will meet customer demand for the growth of data transmission traffic, as well as for new data-generating services and services. Furthermore, in the future it will be possible to quickly deploy 5G coverage on the upgraded network by reconfiguring the software and using dynamic reallocation of the frequency spectrum between 4G and 5G standards. The upgrades will also help optimise the network infrastructure and reduce operating costs.

In 2020-2022 Huawei will supply and install the latest radio access equipment, consisting of multiband remote radio modules and Massive MIMO antenna systems, as well as software to replace existing 2G/3G/4G hardware and software systems at all sites in metropolitan Moscow and in cities and towns throughout the Moscow region.

MTS spokesperson Victor Belov declared: ‘Over the past three years, the volume of mobile internet traffic in the MTS network of the capital region has been growing by more than 65% annually. By 2025 we expect a fourfold increase in the volume of transmitted data due to the development of IT technologies, the increasing distribution of various sensors and systems of the smart city and home … we are accelerating the preparation of the physical infrastructure of MTS for the growing needs of our subscribers in IT services, the speed and volume of data traffic, and in the future we will be able to provide the speed, capacity and performance of 5G on LTE networks in a relatively short time.’

Russia, Huawei Technologies, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)