MOTIV tests 5G mmWave with Ericsson

15 Sep 2020

Russian regional operator MOTIV has tested 5G 27GHz mmWave technology in partnership with Ericsson using a pilot network zone deployed in Kharitonovsky Park in Yekaterinburg. Tests used off-the-shelf Ericsson hardware and software, including radio access and packet core subsystems, achieving data transfer rates up to 2.07Gbps and piloting scenarios for the interaction of 5G technologies with existing networks. MOTIV CEO Alexey Artemasov noted: ‘At the moment, only frequencies in the range of 24GHz-27GHz are available for building 5G networks in Russia. This is a very specific range, as high frequencies are considered applicable only for line-of-sight communications at short distances … Our task was to determine the quality characteristics of a 5G network in the 27GHz range in order to estimate the costs of building a network in this frequency range.’

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database says that Yekaterinburg-based MOTIV is a full-service telco in four (out of six) regions of the Urals Federal District – Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Khanty-Mansi (a.k.a. Yugra) and Yamalo-Nenets – whilst a subsidiary Perm Telephone Company operates fixed-only services in Perm city/region (in the Volga Federal District, bordering Sverdlovsk).

Russia, Ericsson, MOTIV (Ekaterinburg-2000)