Vodafone Fiji network upgrade ‘nears completion’

11 Sep 2020

Vodafone Fiji says its widescale FJD207 million (USD98.4 million) mobile network expansion and upgrade programme is expected to complete within the next two weeks, FBC News reports citing CEO Ronald Prasad. The official explained that the project was scheduled to have been completed in April this year but was delayed due to COVID-19 and ‘unfavourable’ weather. Nonetheless, the cellco announced the launch of a new range of data plans and packages on 10 September to mark the milestone.

‘We have added 147 new base stations, these are new sites that we have added to our existing network of sites bringing the total number of sites to 540. What this also means is that we have upgraded some of our existing 3G, so in total, 100 3G [base stations] are now being upgraded to 4G. This also means that around 85% of Fiji’s population now have access to very fast internet on Vodafone’s 4G network,’ said Prasad in an interview.

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